Optimise warehouse layout for maximum efficiency

Start with the basics. Warehouse layout makes a big difference in efficiency. Big Rentz recommends mapping out your warehouse using technologies like AutoCAD or Smartdraw. When planning the layout, make the most of your space by mapping in clusters. Also, make the most of vertical space with tall shelving. However, keep in mind that you will need to invest in the fitting equipment for workers to be able to access items on high shelves.

Equip your warehouse with the basics needed to ensure safety and efficiency

Safety is another essential consideration in warehouse planning. Responsible warehouse management will implement the appropriate precautions to keep workers safe and avoid accidents that could cause harm and interrupt operations. ConveyCo highlights three important safety standards, including ergonomics, pedestrian access and lighting. Appropriate on-site training for workers is also important.

Simplify inventory tracking with mobile barcodes

Accurate inventory tracking is a critical component of effective warehouse management, ensuring you can accurately deliver on promised fulfilment dates. Cutting-edge barcode tracking makes it possible. QuickBooks Advanced Inventory is an example of inventory mgmt done right. Workers can simply use a mobile phone to scan inventory barcodes, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire inventory lifecycle. Any Android device can become a mobile barcode scanner with the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile App.

Simplify inventory ordering with automated software solutions

Running out of inventory and being unable to meet demand is a nightmare for any warehouse management team. Look into software solutions that allow for automated reordering when stock hits a certain point. Numerical Insights explains how to calculate inventory reorder points and zero safety stock levels. When implementing these calculations, make sure you leave sufficient time for inventory delivery.

Find ways to minimise reliance on human capital

When it comes to maximising warehouse organisation and efficiency, it is best to automate as much as possible. According to Industry Today, this helps to reduce labour costs. Minimising reliance on human capital also helps make your business more resilient. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic interfered with many warehousing systems because workers had to take time off due to illness. With robotic technology, this is not an issue.

Combine warehousing, fulfilment, and logistics to streamline your business

If you really want to maximise your inventory-based business' overall efficiency and organisation, look for ways to combine your warehousing, fulfilment and logistics needs. Trident makes it possible with flexible marketplace solutions that cover storage, sending, and selling. Having a single reputable partner that you can rely on can bring you great peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other elements of your business.

Have a set process in place for handling damaged products

Damaged inventory can impede your chances of steady business growth. The Material Handling Blog explains that this can result in lost profits, noting that the cost of replacing damaged goods can be up to 17% more than the original cost of shipping. Optimising your warehouse space and processes will help avoid this scenario. However, it is still important to have clear policies in place for handling damaged goods, saving you time and stress.

Warehouse optimisation can be a tedious task but it is important if you want your inventory-based business to thrive. Consult the above guide to start improving your process.

For more information about warehouse optimisation, trust Trident Worldwide. We provide cutting-edge logistics, fulfilment and warehousing solutions tailored to your needs.


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