Scaling a business can be stressful. Though growth is a measure of success, it’s also a cause for fear for many, provoking questions, doubts, and hesitation. Effective warehousing is crucial to expansion, and the flexible warehousing model is an optimal solution for businesses looking to grow.

Trident's unique platform, harnessing the latest data and technology, combines the very best in flexible warehousing and logistics to help ease the stress of scaling - as Trident handles the work. As opposed to the fixed costs associated with traditional warehousing, flexible warehousing offers exactly that - flexibility. Where traditional warehousing incurs steep set up fees, long-term commitment, and a time-consuming start-up, Trident’s flexible model cuts costs and saves time. Using Trident’s flexible warehousing, businesses can bypass the financial risks tied to investing in traditional storage, among many other benefits.

Send, store, sell - the core pillars which form the basis of the Trident platform. Send - Trident uses an efficient and competitively priced global delivery service for sending, so businesses don’t have to worry about logistics and can focus on growth. Store - Trident makes finding warehouse space easy, whether you need to add another location to your network or need some temporary space for extra stock. It connects warehouse owners with brands in need of space, giving them the opportunity to generate additional income and maximize their underutilized storage space. Sell - Trident handles selling as well, providing bespoke packages that connect businesses with hundreds of global marketplaces.

Trident believes in helping businesses 'grow without limitation' - taking the hassle out of logistics so that businesses can concentrate on growing. From helping you meet customer demand to providing you with extra storage space, whether you’re a small start-up or multi-national business, the benefits of utilizing Trident’s platform are manifold.

Extra Space for Extra Stock

Scaling a business brings with it a range of new concerns - one of them being adding more stock to your inventory. Flexible warehousing, therefore, offers an optimum solution for your extra stock. Less risky than traditional warehousing, the on-demand model cuts costs by enabling less investment on space and more flexibility on the amount and location of that space. By tapping into under-utilized warehouses, Trident offers a vast network of high-quality warehouses in prime locations across the UK. Compared to traditional warehousing, it’s more convenient and cost-effective, with no start-up costs and the ability to get started right away.

Be it extra seasonal stock, a temporary addition of product, or expanding into new inventory, utilizing Trident’s platform of flexible warehousing allows businesses to find extra space whenever and wherever they need it. External circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, can greatly affect inventory demand and flow, and being adaptable is the key to success. Flexibility in storage and being able to easily modify warehousing needs is crucial for a business’s longevity and growth.

Multiple Fulfilment Locations

Trident’s flexible warehousing gives businesses the opportunity to have multiple locations without committing to a steep financial investment (and the risks that come with it). Investing in traditional warehousing is not only an unnecessary fixed cost and necessitates long-term contracts, but consumes a lot of time at start-up – organizing a new warehouse, implementing systems, integrating software, etc. Opting for Trident’s flexible warehousing solution offers not only more convenience and lower costs, but also the ability to get started faster.

Trident offers a unified system, so that no matter how many warehouses are in your network, they’re all seamlessly integrated. Adding multiple locations with Trident is fuss free, without the risk of having multiple warehouses adapted to multiple management systems and software that doesn’t get along. This is especially crucial when scaling a business as lack of integration leads to wasted time trying to adapt and re-integrate. Trident cuts set up time as well as expensive set up fees, providing warehouse space that is ready to go.

Meet Customer Demand

Customer demand is a fickle, fluctuating thing and can be highly unpredictable. Flexibility is key in combating this volatility in demand. People’s shopping patterns and behaviours are changing drastically, and businesses must quickly adapt to these changes in order to survive and thrive. Whether demand is rising or changing due to seasonality or unpredictable situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, being adaptable with storage needs is key. Flexibility in warehousing cuts costs and enables businesses to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities and new demands.

Trident’s network of flexible warehouses provides a cost-effective solution to meet these demands. Flexible warehousing provides businesses with the opportunity to increase the size of their network and the number of locations in their fulfilment capability. Trident's smart warehouses are equipped with cutting-edge technology and software that optimizes supply chain operations. Real time stock control and automated inventory help businesses tap into customer demand and meet it, while analysing crucial data that can aid in forecasting future demand.

Pay For What you Need

One of the main advantages of Trident’s flexible warehousing is the ability to pay only for the space and services that you require. Trident’s pay-per-use model means that there is no waste or unnecessary costs. A relief from traditional warehousing, which not only demands steep fixed costs but also comes with the risk of dealing with unused space, flexible warehousing offers a cost-efficient solution for scaling up. As demand fluctuates, the risk of having unused space can be high, resulting in financial loss; flexible warehousing bypasses this problem by allowing you to spend only on the space that you need.

Where traditional warehousing is a long-term commitment that involves steep start-up costs, Trident offers flexibility and significantly lower costs. The flexible warehousing model is a great solution for the risk averse, offering expansion without strings attached. By paying only for the space that’s needed, business do not have to worry about losing money on excess warehouse space. Warehouse owners, on the other hand, can use Trident’s platform to rent out their unused space and generate additional income.

Access to Trident’s Platform

By choosing Trident for your fulfilment and logistic needs, you also gain access to the Trident platform. Trident’s AI-driven logistics platform is an end-to-end solution that simplifies warehousing and fulfilment, allowing businesses to focus on scaling. The platform helps send, store, and sell stock, taking the hassle and hard work away from logistics so that businesses can invest time on growth. This end-to-end logistics support means that you’ll always have the help of experts whenever you need it.

Providing real-time automated inventory and stock-taking, even for hazardous material, the Trident platform gives businesses complete control of their stock and logistics. Whether managing inventory, orders, shipments, or billing, or finding additional warehouse space, all operations can be accessed from one place, including from a mobile app. The unified system means that it’s easy to use across multiple locations, whether you’re working with one warehouse or a network of 20.

Trident’s platform helps businesses optimize their operations and promote growth. By tracking and analysing all relevant data, Trident’s accurate reporting can aid in improving inventory and supply chain management and thus, customer satisfaction. Businesses can use Trident’s platform to inform their planning and forecast future demand.


Flexible warehousing is a prime solution for businesses looking to scale. Trident’s flexible warehousing platform offers businesses a cost-efficient way to grow, providing end-to-end logistics support while offering the benefit of flexibility. Where traditional warehousing is a fixed cost that comes with the risk of underutilized space, long-term contracts, and time-consuming start-up, Trident’s flexible model cuts costs and bypasses lengthy set ups. Trident provides extra space for extra stock, helps meet customer demand, makes it easy to have multiple locations, cuts costs by allowing you to pay only for the space you need, and grants you the support of its end-to-end logistics platform. Trident does all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on growing your business.