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Arjun Thaker


Arjun is a meticulous and dedicated professional with over 12 years’ experience in sales, e-commerce, SaaS and digital recruitment. As CEO of Trident and Cloverleaf distribution Arjun oversees teams of innovative professionals. Trident was founded on the basis of being the cutting-edge warehousing and logistics platform that’s transforming the way thousands of businesses send, store and sell. This platform is now a reality – with Arjun leading the company onwards.
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Dan Murphy

Chief Financial Officer

Dan is a widely experienced Chartered Accountant who has worked both as a CFO with one of Ireland’s fastest growing SMEs and success stories, Voxpro, as well as significant experience in Corporate Finance from his time as an Assoc Director with KPMG and SWS. During Dan’s tenure a CFO to Voxpro the company tenfold growing its headcount to 580 employees and its Turnover to €20M. Dan had responsibility for sourcing the funding to support this growth. He also lead all senior contract negotiations with companies such as Google, Airbnb, Nest and Vodafone with particular responsibility around pricing and legals. The owners of Voxpro have since secured a US$150M exit from the business. Dan specialises in working with technology companies who have high potential for scaling. He is on an Irish Government approved panel of financial experts that support companies who are on a high growth path. More recently he has worked to successfully pivot a Transportation Documentation Software company into a Customs Declaration Software company aimed at Irish and UK SMEs to help them deal in particular with challenges of Brexit.
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Daisy Wolfenden

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Daisy’s role at Trident is to oversee all marketing activity and strategy. Daisy has been involved in Tridents marketing strategy and development at every level, helping to facilitate the growth of the business. Daisy also owns a successful digital marketing agency.
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Charlotte Harding

Chief People Officer

With over 15 years HR experience, Charlotte holds a wealth of experience in HR partnering and has effectively transformed and created HR departments, putting strategies in place to manage scalability for a growing company. Charlottes role at Trident is to attract, develop and retain the appropriate people resources needed to meet the current and future organisational objectives. Educate employees and management on the organisational benefits of a sustainably engaged workforce, making Trident a great place to work.
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Bharat Thaker

Head of Operations

Bharat has over 35 years’ experience in shipping, freight forwarding, logistics, imports & exports, bonded warehousing and customers consultancy. Having worked with companies such as UPS, TNT, and Jaguar Landrover – Bharat set up IBFS Ltd and then Trident Worldwide before Arjun took over the helm of the company to take it upwards and onwards. In addition, Bharat has been providing top level consultancy on Brexit regulations to one of the world’s leading phone manufacturers.
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Eugenia Rios Messana

European Logistics Manager

Eugenia is our experienced logistics manager. Her dedication towards managing shipments is unparalleled. With a background in hospitality and stock management she helps our clients organise their storage and distribution of goods. Her optimisation skills ensure Trident runs productively and that the team are consistently exceeding their growth targets.
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Silvano Keijzer

Account Manager

Silvano is our Automotive Account Manager. He manages all logistics and warehousing challenges you may have as a business. With a background in hospitality , personal training and warehousing & logistics this has really shaped him up to go the extra mile for customers and made him an efficient and effective communicator. He deals with all worldwide shipments to ensure the clients needs are satisfied.
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Bethany Hawley

Account Manager

Bethany is our Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Account Manager. She helps our clients organise their shipments around the globe and with her past experience in retail is able to communicate effectively and ensure our clients needs are met. Bethany also helps to manage our warehousing requests by matching our warehouse & store clients to ensure they are the perfect fit.
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Mathu Sutheswaran

Business Analyst

Mathu graduated with a degree in Engineering and has made use of the strong analytical and problem solving skills gained upon entering the Logistics industry. As a Business Analyst, Mathu is responsible for the efficient collection and processing of data, working alongside first-rate businesses to ensure Trident and our customers receive the most competitive service.
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Conor Leece

UX and Product Designer

With a background in product design and having spent the last 5 years within a hyper growth SaaS environment on UX and product growth, Conor is now focused on creating the best Trident digital experiences. Leading on visual and interaction design efforts, Conor ensures that the digital experience is meeting business and UX goals.
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Adam Thomas

Product Owner

As product owner Adam draws on his experience in delivering world class, industry changing solutions to put the customer experience at the heart of the development of the suite of products in the Trident Network. Bringing over a decade of business development & product management experiences attained in the domestic & international FMCG wholesale industry, via growing a niche start up SAAS through to acquisition by a major international PLC, and launching digital products into 15 territories across the globe, Adam has proved he has the skills & knowledge to contribute to making Trident a success. Through employing a customer focused, UX driven development philosophy, Adam ensures that Trident continuously delivers features that matter to the end user.
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