The people behind the cutting-edge warehousing and logistics platform that is transforming the way businesses send, store and sell.

Focus on growing your business, let our technology, expertise and insight do the hard work for you. With 30 years of industry knowledge, our single dashboard allows you to take control of your stock and logistics – changing the way you do business.

Our Mission

We’re focused on one thing as we grow: helping you grow too.

To change the logistics industry by providing a flexible and easy to use platform for our customers.

We are empowering our customers to grow their businesses, connecting suppliers to customers through the application of cutting-edge technology and experience. Trident believe anyone should be able to manage all their business logistics from anywhere.

Now, harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence, this is a reality.

We understand that keeping up with consumer demand can be tough, but growth shouldn’t be painful. Our network of smart warehouses across the UK allows you to scale flexibly and cost-effectively.

Warehouse logistics and management
Ocean freight

Our Story

A father and son with 30 years’ experience in logistics and freight, with the goal to transform the way businesses control their stock and logistics.

At Trident, we know experience matters. That’s why our customers trust us. Our powerful combination of experience and technological know-how has allowed us to create a platform for our customers which gets them the best prices for global delivery, flexible access to warehouse space and managed marketplaces to help them scale their business.

Stock Control

Our platform gives you real-time automated inventory and stock-taking, even for hazardous material. For stock control on the go, it is also accessible through our mobile app.


Our platform connects you to the right space for your business, find fulfilment centres to suit your needs – with the software to support you.

Warehouse Owners

Are you a warehouse owner? Registering with us provides you with the opportunity to make the most of empty space. We bring the customers to you.

Values that Matter

Trident is built on values that matter. Values that inform what we do and drive our people in the decisions they make every day.

An Entrepreneurial Soul

We seek out the new and apply our proven creativity to every challenge.

Quality in Everything We Do

We pride ourselves in delivering everything we do to the highest standards.

Driven by Passion

Committed to excellence in mind and heart.

A Responsive Culture

We react quickly and effectively to our customer's needs.


All our choices and actions are underpinned by integrity. Building trust and respect across all our relationships.

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